dbx-tv is evolving into Total Sonics!!
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Award-Winning Total Sonics Celebrates An Addition and A Departure – Long-Serving Director of Engineering, Matt Easley Retires After 18 Years; Audio Industry Veteran Rich Spina Takes Over

Total Sonics’ audio enhancement and auto-calibration technologies ben-efit from deep product development and engineering management expe-rience as industry vet Rich Spina joins the team.

Milford, MA – June 6, 2024 – With over one billion devices in the market-place employing dbx-tv technology, THAT Corporation’s sound-improvement algorithms have steadily evolved since 1984. Evidencing their growth and development, the patented, cloud-based Total Cal auto-matic calibration platform was recognized with both TWICE Picks Award and CES Innovation Award designations at the 2023 CES show in Las Vegas. At the January, 2024 CES show, THAT Corp. changed dbx-tv’s name to Total Sonics to better reflect its audio prowess and evolving ap-peal well beyond televisions.

And now, in another important transition, the Total Sonics development group gains an industry vet to lead the team as it focuses on the exciting worlds of immersive audio and automatic acoustic calibration. Rich Spina has 30 years of Pro, MI & Consumer audio engineering development and management experience with some of the most respected brands in the industry: Crest Audio, D2Audio, and Peavey Electronics, and has provided Class D amplifiers & DSP based technologies to B&W, Harman Kardon, Kenwood, Polk Audio, Renkus Heinz, and many others.

According to Les Tyler, President of THAT Corporation, “I’ve known Rich and respected his work for decades. Leading our engineering team, he will add to our capabilities and development ‘horsepower’. Rich started two months ago, overlapping with Matt Easley to ensure continuity, and has hit the ground running.”

“At the same time, we pause to recognize Matt’s incredible contributions as he moves towards a well-deserved retirement. Matt has left indelible marks on THAT Corporation’s licensing success: patents, products, pro-cesses, and people. He has been a vital member of our team, and we are thrilled that he will continue to contribute, on a part-time basis, to our growth and strength, even as he steps back a bit.”

Spina adds, “Today’s audio, electronics and TV brands invest a lot of time and money to get their sound ‘just right’. Total Sonics empowers design engineers to quickly achieve their target sound with the combination of its high-performance, clever, and efficient DSP solutions and its Total Cal Pro automated professional tuning tool.”

“I’m excited to build on the advancements Matt and our engineers have achieved. Our Total Sonics® suite of audio algorithms elevate the listen-ing experience even with standard TV and lifestyle speakers. We’ve de-veloped Total Bass™ to extend low frequency perception, Total Sur-round® to widen the sound field, and Total Volume® to protect against annoying volume spikes that occur when quiet dialog is followed by loud commercials. We’ve also partnered with Psy(x) Research to develop the amazing Total Immersion™ system, delivering an immersive audio expe-rience from any content source with as few as two output channels.

Tim Brault, Total Sonics’ Director of Sales and Marketing, describes Spi-na’s impact this way, “Rich has great understanding of these technologies as well as the vision and experience to manage the overall process. His excitement for this family of technology and his passion to drive it forward is a welcome addition to the Total Sonics team and mission.”

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